The Point Broadcast: CRISTELA and MARRY ME Make TV Comedy Magic

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PT110714This season, some of the first cancellation casualties have been situation comedies, but beyond the cast offs there are two shows which have made their marks in ratings. Stand up superstar, Cristela Alonzo, brought much of her charm and her act to CRISTELA and she explains why it was so important for her to keep it old school. Meanwhile, NBC’s MARRY ME has plenty of comedy cred with stars Ken Marino and Casey Wilson who don’t even finch when you call them cute.

The Point Broadcast: Gavin MacLeod’s TV Love Affair

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PT110314From classic character roles to MARY TYLER MOORE to the bridge of THE LOVE BOAT, Gavin MacLeod has entertained TV audiences for decades and his stint as Captain Stubbing is one he is especially proud of. Gavin talks about his favorite moments on the show and why it is so beloved even today. Plus we wind up our look at THE LEAGUE by talking with the brainy couple who started it all, Jeff and Jackie Schaffer.

WEIRD SOUNDS All The Rush None Of The Sugar

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-Too-much-candy-halloween-26188638-400-300Drop that Butterfingers, bud. After two days of gorging Halloween candy you need a diet change. WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND offers a rush tonight, with no messy wrappers to throw out and very few dental bills. Just punch PLAY and Open Up!

The Point Broadcast: The Mystery Of Missing History

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PT103114NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author (and Eisner Award winner) Brad Meltzer is back with more shocking history facts. This time he reveals a number of important artifacts that have gone missing (JFK’s brain?), all in his new H2 Series LOST HISTORY. Plus there’s more with the cast of THE LEAGUE as Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi) talks about crossing that censorship line again and again.

The Point Broadcast: DOONESBURY’s Secret Origin

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PT102714Award winning cartoonist, writer and producer, Garry Trudeau talks about his hit Amazon series ALPHA HOUSE and how DOONESBURY was born. Plus we begin our visit with the cast of the FXX Comedy THE LEAGUE, including talking to Jon LaJoie about how his character has become more grounded this season, Mark Duplass on making sensitive films and Nick Kroll on why the show gets hotter every year.