The Point Broadcast: Goodbye SONS And Hello MARCO POLO – Begin The Binge

2014-12-08 - 15:01 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT120814Most new TV series have a few episodes shot before they debut and then can feed off of viewer reaction from that point. In the case of the new Netflix series, MARCO POLO, all ten episodes were shot months before their debut this Friday. We talk with the cast about the good and bad parts of that, plus the show’s core relationship between hero and villain. Speaking of bad guys, SONS OF ANARCHY fades out tomorrow night and Katey Sagal shares her regrets while Kurt Sutter gives us some exclusive news on his next TV project.


WEIRD SOUNDS For Your Blind Date

2014-12-07 - 18:50 | Weird Sounds | No comments

odd-photos-koskimoSo you have the office holiday party coming up, and your friends are setting you up with the “perfect date”. You know as well as we do this won’t end well, but your best chance of survival is by quoting a few of the tunes from tonights WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MINE. If your date starts singing back, may it IS love?

Roll the dice and hit PLAY below!

The Point Broadcast: Tony Denison Plays It Tough

2014-12-05 - 16:01 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT120514Tough guy actor, Tony Denison, has made a career out of playing the heavies in CRIME STORY, SONS OF ANARCHY, NYPD BLUE and more, but for there past few years he’s been comfortable on the other side of the law in the cast of TNT’S MAJOR CRIMES. We talk about how he makes both types of character believable and the role of the anti hero on TV today. Plus we begin our exclusive first look at MARCO POLO, the new action series coming only to Netflix and set it debut in just a few days.

The Point Radio: ROBOT CHICKEN Still Playing After All These Years

2014-12-01 - 16:15 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT120114This week, it’s time for another ROBOT CHICKEN Holiday Special, plus the wrap up of another season of the Cartoon Network hit series. Show runners John Harvavtine and Matt Senrich talk about how much fun it still is playing with toys, plus Brooke Burns has a new trivia challenge TV show and a new co-star known as The Beast and she explains it all here with us.

WEIRD SOUNDS For You And Your Pet

2014-11-30 - 18:55 | Weird Sounds | No comments

odd-photos-kangarooAfter turkey, relatives and stupid sales for crap you don’t need, end the holiday weekend by spending some quality time with your pet. Take in a show, or maybe even recreational bowling? Just make sure that mobile device is cranking WEIRD SOUNDS for a playlist that both you and that lil’ buddy can both agree on. All you need to do is slap that paw on PLAY.