The Point Broadcast: IF I STAY Gives Chloe Mortez Another Tough Role

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PT081814IF I STAY is the latest best selling fiction to hit the big screen, and it stars 17 years old Chloe Moretz who talks to us about why she chooses roles like this, CARRIE and even Hit Girl. Plus IDIOTEST is a new competition show on the Game Show Network and host Ben Gleib proves to me that it isn’t all that easy to win there.

Warm Up To The WEIRD

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hotst03Mike Gold cranks up the A/C and blasts out another 120 minutes of WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND, right here. You don’t even have to work up a sweat – just hit PLAY.

The Point Broadcast: LEGENDS Sean Bean Lives On

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PT081514The marketing campaign said “DON’T KILL SEAN BEAN” but producer Howard Gordon (24, HOMELAND) assured us there was little chance of that happening on LEGENDS. Howard, and series star Ali Larter, fill us in on the new TNT drama, plus meet the REDWOOD KINGS who are cutting up every week on their new Animal Planet show.


The Point Broadcast: Kevin Conroy On Keeping BATMAN Fresh

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PT081114BATMAN ASSAULT ON ARKHAM is the newest direct-to-DVD DC feature with a lot of familiar parts including Kevin Conroy reprising his Batman role, and telling us how he manages to always keep it fresh. Plus, comedian John Lehr goes from Geico caveman to western funny man in the Hulu series QUICK DRAW, and talks about how improv is a huge part of the show.

WEIRD SOUNDS Your Mother Warned You About

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artworks-000067931327-j24ra7-t200x200Mike Gold fills another 120 minutes with music that you want – no NEED – to hear. So press play now.