The Point Broadcast: Rey Mysterio Still Flies High

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PT040816Rey Mysterio has flown high above the squared circle for both WCW and WWE and now he is bringing his brand of wrestling to LUCIA UNDERGROUND on the El Rey Network. Rey talks about the superstars of the past who have influenced him, his worry about getting injured and his connection to comics. Then music star Ray J takes us for a ride to show off his new dating competition show, DRIVEN TO LOVE.

April Fools? No! WEIRD Yes!

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1819208-xlargeWhile you mortals recover from last Friday’s April Fool’s nonsense, keep in mind that WEIRD SOUNDS INSDE THE GOLD MIND exists in that world 24/7/365. Odd ball songs. Kick ass rock. Nonsense that even Mom can’t translate. It’s all here again. Hit PLAY.

Point Preview: JLA & Teen Titans At Last!

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DC’s Direct To DVD features move away from Batman (well, sort of…) and to this. Catch it on digital download this weekend and on Blu ray on April 12th.

The Point Broadcast: Why DAREDEVIL Is Even More Binge Worthy Than Ever

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PT040116No joke – we are back and we’re stopped binging on DAREDEVIL long enough to talk about the show with ol’ Horn Head himself. Charlie Cox shares what it was like putting this season together and how he thinks fans will feel when they finish. Plus ROGUE is back for a new season. Cole Hauser and new cast member Ashley Greene talk how this series is changing yet again.

Point Preview: Boy Bands & Zombies – No Joke!

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Ok, so DEAD 7 makes SHARKNADO look like CITIZEN KANE, but it is April Fool’s Day. Rather than posting stupid jokes or fake obituaries, check out SyFy’s original film that showcases some of the biggest boy bands of the 90s and a slew of drooling zombies. DEAD 7 is written by Backstreet Boy vet Nick Carter, and stars him  plus BSBers A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough, as well as members of *NSYNC, OTown and 98 Degrees. Stop laughing and remember how wrong you were about SHARKNADO? I smell a franchise….

Dead 7 Trailer from Syfy Press on Vimeo.