The Point Broadcast: AGENTS OF SHIELD And All Things Marvel

2014-10-06 - 16:30 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT100614We are back with the cast of AGENTS OF SHIELD to talk about how they planned ahead for the events which unfolded in CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER and what it is like to live, eat and breathe all things Marvel. Plus we start our coverage of New York Comic Con with a preview of some treats you’ll find at the show.

We will be back early this week (Wednesday) with another podcast right before we hit the show floor. And if you can’t make the show, we are carrying LIVE video feeds from NYCC at RIGHT HERE starting on Thursday. Don’t miss a minute.

WEIRD SOUNDS Actually Sounds Better!

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weird-headgearSparing no expense to create the best sound possible, Mike Gold proudly cranks out a brand new two hours of WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MINE.

Hit play, please!

The Point Broadcast: THE STRAIN Proves Grit Beats Glitter

2014-10-03 - 14:01 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT100314FX’s THE STRAIN winds up it’s first season this weekend and we sat down with Guillermo del Toro and his cast to talk about where the show ended, where it goes next and how their vampires stack up against those who “glitter”. Plus famed actress, Isabella Rossellini takes her GREEN PORNO from TV to the stage and tells us how it all got started.

The Point Broadcast: Sophomore Pressure For BROOKLYN 99 And AGENTS OF SHIELD

2014-09-29 - 16:01 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT092914Two of last year’s TV hits are headed back for a sophomore season that promises big things. BROOKLYN 99 dives into Fox Sunday nights and star Melissa Fumero talks about how the cast is more than ready to grab another Golden Globe, plus what might (or might not) be happening between her character and Andy Samberg. Meanwhile, fresh off CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER, MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD starts out another season that will lead not only to next year’s AVENGERS, but to a spin off as well and in spite of all that pressure, Clark Gregg says he’s still having a ball.

Get Wrecked With WEIRD SOUNDS

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accidental_history_01Forget texting and driving, you might NOT want to hit the PLAY button below while you are behind the wheel. If you do, the folks at WEIRD SOUNDS take no responsibility for what happens next.