Poking Around In The WEIRD

2016-12-19 - 11:53 | Weird Sounds |

There is plenty to explore in this week’s WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. Lots of odd ball, but certainly kick ass rock & roll. Start the expedition now, hit PLAY

I’ve Got My WEIRD To Keep Me Warm

2016-12-11 - 18:57 | Weird Sounds |

Temperatures may be plunging on the east coast, but the soft glow of the internet warms us as we lose ourselves in another two hour feast of kick ass tunes, better known as WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. Set your thermostat to PLAY!

Drumming Up Some WEIRD

2016-12-04 - 18:57 | Weird Sounds |

buck_old_xmas1You can hear it in the air. The beat of a holiday season approaching, but that is no reason to avoid the obvious. Ignore the tinsel and holly and get as WEIRD as you can with another WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND – only a PLAY away.

A Big Slice Of Leftover WEIRD

2016-11-27 - 18:58 | Weird Sounds |

imgresActually it’s all fresh – two full NEW hours of kick ass rock, but keep in mind there IS an expiration date. Better hit PLAY now!

Your WEIRD Pre-Gobble

2016-11-20 - 18:59 | Weird Sounds |

header-maybe-for-thanksgivingThis time next week, you’ll be sick of turkey, sick of football and probably sick of your family. Take a minute now to savor two hours of kick ass rock, stuffed with more WEIRD than you can handle. Hit PLAY!