WEIRD SOUNDS Finally Solves It!

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Ok, so we may not know why this very attractive chicken crossed the road, but we do know that if you look closely you will see he was wearing headphones. And coming through those headphones was an episode of WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND.

Maybe this one. Hit PLAY and find out.

The Point Broadcast: Julie Benz Has Our Attention

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PT051515From BUFFY and ANGEL to DEXTER and then DEFIANCE, Julle Benz is an actress that has had our undivided attention. With DEFIANCE about to return for season three, we catch up with Julie about where we last saw her character, what’s ahead and how far she’ll go to research a role. Then, with civil unrest and police mistrust at the top of the news cycle, CBS Legal Analyst Rikki Klieman tackles it all from a new angle this weekend (Sunday at 9pm ET) on Investigation Discovery.

The Point Broadcast: Greg Poehler Heads Back To Sweden

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PT051115NBC’s summer hit sit com, WELCOME TO SWEDEN is back. Created by Greg Poehler (along with sister Amy), we get a peek at what lies ahead this season. Greg and fellow castmate Illeana Douglas talk about subtitles, a change of seasons and more fish out of water stories. Plus she was Little Vickie on THE LOVE BOAT and despite three successful dry decades in show business, actress Jill Whelan is glad to be out to sea once again

Fresh Milk, Mom And WEIRD SOUNDS

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She 6-28690-4_jf7587-001-1355356554was always there to do the right thing for you including warning you about that “demon music on the radio”.

Too bad you didn’t listen

Too bad you still don’t – Hit PLAY

The Point Broadcast: Some Indie Film Magic

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PT050815We jump into the world of independent movies starting with Elliot Diviney. He’s a talented editor for projects that include LOST and BATTLESTAR:GALACTICA, but he is also an indie film maker with a new movie that puts him into the super hero feature arena, Then meet Karen Lam, celebrated horror writer and director whose film EVANGELINE finally hits the U.S. this month.

Next week, Greg Poehler (along with sister Amy) is bringing back WELCOME TO SWEDEN for a new season on NBC. We get an exclusive look.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.