WEIRD SOUNDS – The Safer Alternative

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tumblr_lr4e64qDSM1qa9b8ro1_500Ok, you are bored but picking the wrong way to end a weekend can be…fatal? Just get into two hours of kick ass rock & roll with WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND and you will live to see Monday. Hit PLAY please.

The Point Broadcast: PLAYING HOUSE Back For More Laughs

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PT081415Jessica St Clair and Lennon Param have managed their way back to the USA Network with another hilarious season of PLAYING HOUSE. They give us the exclusive word on what’s coming up and the tough journey it took to get the show back on the air. Plus Esquire premiere’s a reality show with the real life “Jerry Maguires”. THE AGENT will set the record straight on the world of sports and we have a preview here.

The Point Broadcast: UNITY Brings A Message To The Movies

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PT081015This week you have a chance tho catch a unique cinematic experience when the long awaited documentary debuts in theaters for one day only. Writer/Director Shaun Monson talks about his long struggle to get his work on the screen and his list of nearly 100 celebrity narrators. To see this film in it’s one day event (Wednesday August 12th) go here for a location near you. Plus it’s the biggest twist on reality dating shows. VH1’s DATING NAKED and this season’s bachelor talks about how he is coping.

VFK: Greg Pak On Telling THE TRUTH

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4656793-s4Things in the DC Universe are upside down with the world knowing who Clark Kent really is, Lois Lane behind that big reveal and even a new player in the Batman costume. “Truth” is a multi-title story overseen by Greg Pak who talks to VOICES OF KRYPTON on just how far these changes will go,

WEIRD SOUNDS Can Get Your Groove On

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enhanced-buzz-8758-1349894898-10We are the first to admit that a lot of the stuff on tonight’s WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND may be hard to dance to, but you can sure as hell give it a shot. Get up, get down and hit PLAY.