The Point Broadcast: INTO THE STORM Reveals Monster Nature

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PT080814Warner Brothers’ new disaster flick, INTO THE STORM, features some pretty real weather scenes rather than CGI effects and actress Sarah Wayne Callies tells us how long it took her to finally get dry. Plus more with the Immortal Hulk Hogan including his cut on today’s pro wrestling scene.

The Point Broadcast: SyFy Rides High On The Winds Of SHARKNADO

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PT080414It’s been a great week for the folks at SyFy with the combined audience for the second SHARKNADO film plus encores of the first hitting over 18 million viewers. We talk to director Anthony Ferrante about how big ratings don’t necessarily mean big budgets, plus Vivica Fox and Judiah Friedlander explain why they were thrilled to jump on board this franchise. Then we sit down with wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan to talk about how the landscape of the business has evolved light years in recent days, plus the real story behind his flub at Wrestlemania.


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10473019-largeMike Gold pulls out  all the stops for a new WEIRD SOUNDS that you can dive into right here. Hide the kids.

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Big Changes On The Way

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