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The Point Preview: Inside THE OUTSIDERS

16 November, 2015 (10:01) | TV | No comments

WGN America is gearing up for the intense and gritty original drama Outsiders,”a struggle of power and control set in the rugged hills of Appalachia. The series explores the epic battle between the Farrell Clan, a tight-knit family of renegades who have lived atop the rugged Shay Mountain for over two hundred years, and their fight to […]

Voices From Krypton: The Boy Who Will Be BATMAN

6 November, 2015 (11:01) | TV | No comments

Actor David Mazouz, who portrays Bruce Wayne on GOTHAN, discusses exclusively with VOICES FROM KRYPTON, the journey that has begun that will see Bruce start to embrace more of the qualities of Batman.

Next Comedy Stop MOONBEAM CITY

14 July, 2015 (15:10) | TV | No comments

Check out the new season one trailer of this absurdist, retro-futuristic 80s cop extravaganza. Comedy Central’s new animated series follows Dazzle Novak (voiced by Rob Lowe), a handsome, idiotic detective who commits more crimes than most criminals. His sexy, tyrannical chief Pizzaz Miller (Elizabeth Banks) won’t get off his back. His obnoxious rival Rad Cunningham […]

Bryan Fuller On The Challenge Of HANNIBAL

2 June, 2015 (11:01) | TV | No comments

EP/Showrunner Bryan Fuller talks with VOICES FROM KRYPTON on what is coming on the new season of NBC’s HANNIBAL and why the show continues to provide some interesting challenges. Catch the new season of HANNIBAL starting Thursday on NBC.

Are You Going To Orange Con?

27 May, 2015 (11:01) | TV | No comments