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Bryan Fuller On The Challenge Of HANNIBAL

2 June, 2015 (11:01) | TV | No comments

EP/Showrunner Bryan Fuller talks with VOICES FROM KRYPTON on what is coming on the new season of NBC’s HANNIBAL and why the show continues to provide some interesting challenges. Catch the new season of HANNIBAL starting Thursday on NBC.

Are You Going To Orange Con?

27 May, 2015 (11:01) | TV | No comments

COMMUNITY Back Without Boundaries

14 January, 2015 (10:27) | TV | No comments

Community fans, get ready! School’s back in session as of March 17. The premiere of the sixth season on Yahoo Screen debuts with two new episodes and then another new one a every Tuesday. Of course, you are asking if there are any changes as the comedy moves to a streaming platform? At the recent TCA event. creator […]


10 March, 2014 (14:19) | TV | No comments

As you may have heard us mention in our POP CULTURE UPLOADS, here’s the mash up with HBO’s hit series TRUE DETECTIVES and the 90s classic TWIN PEAKS.

Are You Ready For More GAME OF THRONES

10 February, 2014 (11:07) | TV | No comments

Coming off wins at this year’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, HBO is warming the audience for the new season of GAME OF THRONES with this video, featuring scenes from the new season and a ton of back stage stuff as well. In case you forgot, the new season starts on April 6th on HBO.