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The Point Broadcast: Ladies Who Make Us Laugh – Eliza Coupe & Sarah Colonna

1 April, 2015 (15:30) | Point Podcast | No comments

Two funny ladies share their stories here . First, Eliza Coupe talks about her adventures in series TV (HAPPY ENDINGS, BENCHED) and her delightful new indy film, THE LAST TIME YOU HAD FUN. Then, meet Sarah Colonna. She’s a stand up comic, TV writer (CHELSEA LATELY) and a NY TIMES best selling author about to […]

The Point Broadcast: Zombies Done Different On IZOMBIE

28 March, 2015 (10:30) | Point Podcast | No comments

They aren’t your cable zombies, which might be what makes The CW’s version of the hit Vertigo comic, IZOMBIE,  so appealing. EP Rob Thomas and star Rose McIver talk about all the ways they strive to keep it both fresh and centered on the comic series. Plus thanks to the success of AMERICAN SNIPER, more […]

The Point Broadcast: Dishing With The Girls From GRIMM

23 March, 2015 (16:01) | Point Podcast | No comments

GRIMM is back to wrap up it’s fourth season on NBC, but what can we expect as we head toward the May finale? Actors Bitsie Tulloch, Bree Turner and Clare Coffee let us in on a few teases including just how their characters may wind up this time. Plus the backyard inventors of BRAINSTORMERS talk about […]

The Point Broadcast: Freddie Highmore Mastering The Art Of Creepy

20 March, 2015 (15:30) | Point Podcast | No comments

We wind up our coverage of the new season BATES MOTEL talking with Freddie Highmore. So is Norman Bates really a bad guy, or just misunderstood and how much of Freddie is really in that character? Plus he may be the real super villain of March Madness. Why does everyone hate Christian Lattener? In a […]

The Point Broadcast: Still UNDATEABLE Still Funny

17 March, 2015 (14:30) | Point Podcast | No comments

UNDATEABLE has returned to NBC with more fresh comedy and a few changes, all detailed for us by cast member Ron Funches and creator/EP Bill Lawrence. Plus ORPHAN BLACK saves the comic stories in February. In a few days, we circle back to BATES MOTEL for a talk with Norman Bates himself, Freddie Highmore. Be sure to follow […]