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The Point Broadcast: Alicia Witt’s Real Christmas Story

16 December, 2014 (18:10) | Point Podcast | No comments

Since the age of nine, actress Alicia Witt has dazzled us with her work in JUSTIFIED, MR HOLLAND’S OPUS and CYBILL. Again this year, she has a holiday project with The Hallmark Channel but also a new Christmas(!) song that might be the most honest one yet. She explains how she really isn’t a Grinch […]

The Point Broadcast: Goodbye SONS And Hello MARCO POLO – Begin The Binge

8 December, 2014 (15:01) | Point Podcast | No comments

Most new TV series have a few episodes shot before they debut and then can feed off of viewer reaction from that point. In the case of the new Netflix series, MARCO POLO, all ten episodes were shot months before their debut this Friday. We talk with the cast about the good and bad parts of […]

The Point Broadcast: Tony Denison Plays It Tough

5 December, 2014 (16:01) | Point Podcast | No comments

Tough guy actor, Tony Denison, has made a career out of playing the heavies in CRIME STORY, SONS OF ANARCHY, NYPD BLUE and more, but for there past few years he’s been comfortable on the other side of the law in the cast of TNT’S MAJOR CRIMES. We talk about how he makes both types […]

The Point Radio: ROBOT CHICKEN Still Playing After All These Years

1 December, 2014 (16:15) | Point Podcast | No comments

This week, it’s time for another ROBOT CHICKEN Holiday Special, plus the wrap up of another season of the Cartoon Network hit series. Show runners John Harvavtine and Matt Senrich talk about how much fun it still is playing with toys, plus Brooke Burns has a new trivia challenge TV show and a new co-star […]

The Point Broadcast: Why You Should Be Watching CONSTANTINE

17 November, 2014 (16:30) | Point Podcast | No comments

There is no shortage of comic properties on network TV this year, but one that may have escaped your attention is NBC’s CONSTANTINE. Executive Producers David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerrone talk about their plans for the future, where it all fits into DC’s New 52 Continuity and how they want to continue to make […]