NYCC: Riese The Series Now Belongs To SyFy

2010-10-11 - 09:30 | Station Info | Tags: , , , |

Fans who have followed the web series RIESE are excited about the news that will soon be carrying the new home of the episodes. Creators, producers and stars of RIESE sat down with us at New York ComicCon to talk about how the original episodes would be re-edited with new material for the debut on SyFy (later this month) and that hope was strong that RIESE might actually graduate to the network itself in 2011. One of the most exciting additions to the cast is ALLISON MACK, who is playing a much different role that that of Chloe Sullivan from SMALLVILLE. Press Play below to hear Allison’s reason for jumping into the web series with both feet:

Listen for our interviews with Allison, series star Christine Chatelain & the creators of RIESE coming soon to The Point Radio.