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Big Changes On The Way

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The Point Broadcast: The Mystery Of Missing History

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PT103114NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author (and Eisner Award winner) Brad Meltzer is back with more shocking history facts. This time he reveals a number of important artifacts that have gone missing (JFK’s brain?), all in his new H2 Series LOST HISTORY. Plus there’s more with the cast of THE LEAGUE as Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi) talks about crossing that censorship line again and again.

The Point Broadcast: DOONESBURY’s Secret Origin

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PT102714Award winning cartoonist, writer and producer, Garry Trudeau talks about his hit Amazon series ALPHA HOUSE and how DOONESBURY was born. Plus we begin our visit with the cast of the FXX Comedy THE LEAGUE, including talking to Jon LaJoie about how his character has become more grounded this season, Mark Duplass on making sensitive films and Nick Kroll on why the show gets hotter every year.

WEIRD SOUNDS The Show with A Face For Radio

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2991347_f260At least that’s what Mom always said?

Hit PLAY and we will show you just how pretty we can sound, though.

The Point Broadcast: Z NATION Gets More Life

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PT102414SyFy has renewed their light hearted zombie drama, Z NATION, and we talk to showrunner Craig Engler and (former) star Tom Everett Scott on how they plot their path to be different than that OTHER zombie series. Plus actor Mark Consuelos gets us set up for the new season of ALPHA HOUSE, premiering today on Amazon Prime Video.

The Point Broadcast: The Future Should Be GRIMM

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PT102014The fourth season of GRIMM kicks off this Friday, giving us a powerless hero and a wealth of new monsters to face. Series star, David Giuntoli talks about how his character will handle being just a “normal cop”. Plus MIKE & MOLLY’s Billy Gardell is rolling the dice on a new TV version of Monopoly and he shares the info on how you can play to win.