The Point Broadcast: Catherine Bell’s Magical Hold On TV

2016-05-27 - 17:01 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT052716It started as a little TV movie over half a decade ago. Several movies later and now THE GOOD WITCH is into it’s second season as a hit series. Catherine Bell shares a bit of the magic that helps her find such great roles to play. Plus he’s a businessman, reality TV star, morning DJ, stand up comic and the single father of five. Rickey Smiley talks about how he juggles it all.

Everything WEIRD Has To Start Someplace

2016-05-22 - 18:56 | Weird Sounds | No comments

CBSEverything has a beginning – that point of origin where things start to come together. For example, even massive entertainment icons like CBS had (shaky) starts. Tonight could be the start of YOUR relationship with WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. From here, there are two hours of kick ass rock & roll waiting for you whenever you want. Take the plunge & hit PLAY!

WEIRD SOUNDS – Another Great American Idea!

2016-05-15 - 18:58 | Weird Sounds | No comments

Vintage-Black-White-Dental-Posters-Whistle-BrushWhen you look at a lot of the products that have been created here in the Hime Of The Red, White and Blue, it seems like WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND is one “with legs”. Hey, it’s a no brainer. Two hours of kickass rock and roll, and all it takes it a click on PLAY right here.

Yes Your Mom Is WEIRD

2016-05-08 - 18:59 | Weird Sounds | No comments

moms are so weirdSo you really think that some flowers and a card today make up for all the OTHER things you do to poor ol’ Mom the other 364 days of the year?  Sit her down and hit PLAY. Let Mom soak up two hours of kick ass music on WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. She may never ask you for another thing.

WEIRD SOUNDS Crosses The Line – Almost?

2016-05-01 - 18:56 | Weird Sounds | No comments

dadollSure, after years of shows we’ve come close but this time we may have gone too far. At least we did it BEFORE Mother’s Day,right? Strap in for tonight’s WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND and hit PLAY.