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Big Changes On The Way

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WEIRD SOUNDS – Prepare To Be Shocked!

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wacky shocked babyWEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND can be described in a lot of ways (some not too polite) but all we can say about this week’s show is……sit DOWN when you listen (but first hit PLAY).

The Point Broadcast: What Scared Marina Sirtis?

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PT101714STAR TREK favorite Marina Sirtis has a chilling role in a new SyFy thriller premiering this weekend (Saturday at 9pm ET). FINDERS KEEPERS also stars Patrick Muldoon (from STARSHIP TROOPERS), and both actors are more than willing to talk about how the movie gave them the creeps. Plus NEW YORK TIMES best selling author, Jan Karon, has thrilled her fans by doing her the first new novel in her beloved Mitford series in almost a decade, and she tells us there’s more to come.

The Point Broadcast: ARROW – Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Thrives?

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PT101314This new season of ARROW promises a major thrill ride for characters on the show and fans as well. We talk to the creators and cast who reveal a few secrets on what’s to come (i.e. Black Canary dead or ??). Plus comedian Adam Ferrara is in the driver’s seat for another season of TOP GEAR and he shares with us just how deep his passion for cars really runs.


WEIRD SOUNDS Demands Your Attention

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cat-robberyIt’s simple. Press Play or the kitten gets it*

(*apologies to NATIONAL LAMPOON)


The Point Broadcast: The Town That Loves Zombies

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PT100814For six years, the town of Jasper, Alabama has been struggling to complete an independent zombie film. Now SyFy is shining a light on their plight with the docu-series, TOWN OF LIVING DEAD and we talk with resident Tina Teeter on how her life has been eaten up by they project. Plus BAR RESCUE star, Jon Taffer, is back with checkbook in hand but is there anyone who deserves his help?

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