The Point Broadcast: Lisa Loeb Flies High Again

2015-04-24 - 17:01 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT042415This weekend, HELICOPTER MOM opens in select theaters with music (and an appearance) from singer/song writer, Lisa Loeb. Lisa talks about this and her many new projects, plus recalls what it as like hearing her music on the radio for the first time. Meanwhile, one of NBC’s biggest successes this season has been their prime time crossovers. This week CHICAGO PD, CHICAGO FIRE and LAW & ORDER:SVU together for one epic story and the show runners give us an exclusive sneak peek.

The Point Broadcast: Playing The IDIOTEST And ????

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PT042015The highly rated series, IDIOTEST, is back for a second season on the Game Show Network. Host Ben Gleib let’s us prove just how bright we are by playing an (unedited) round here plus meet the man that put the first Nike shoe on a big name NBA plater and started a 13 billion dollar a year phenomenon. Meet Sonny Vaccaro, subject of a new ESPN documentary.

Happy Birthday YouTube

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Chances are, ten years and one week ago you weren’t spending much time on YouTube.

Then Jawed Karim changed all that.

The first-ever video was uploaded to YouTube. It was an 18-second clip, entitled “Me at the Zoo,” featured site co-founder Jawed Karim standing in front of the elephant pen at the San Diego Zoo. It was not unlike a million other video clips we all had at the tail-end of a tape. Easily forgettable.

Flash forward a decade and YouTube has more than one billion users. In the last sixty seconds,  some 300 hours of video was uploaded to the site.

So raise a glass to cats, Kardashians and cute babies. It all started right here:

The Point Broadcast: Farewell To LOST GIRL

2015-04-17 - 15:30 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT041715It’s the fifth and final season for the SyFy supernatural show, LOST GIRL. Series star Anna Silk talks about her favorite moments (and the things she grabbed from the set on the last day) plus BITTEN’s Laura Vandervoort talks more about her show’s new season and what it was like to be TV’s first Supergirl. We are back in just a few days and so is the hit Game Show Network series, THE IDIOTEST. We take the test – here – no holds barred!   Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

The Point Broadcast: BITTEN Adds Some Nasty Witches

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PT041315SyFy’s BITTEN is back for a new season, taking a sharp turn deeper into the supernatural with the addition of a coven of witches to the storyline. Stars Greyson Holt and Laura Vandevoort talk about how this changes the show’s dynamic. Plus Amazon Prime expands their programming with their first live action children’s show. GORTIMER GIBBONS LIFE ON NORMAL STREET is under the watchful eye of Oscar winning director, Luke Matheny who talks about making a kids show for today’s market.