The Point Broadcast: How HEROES Was Reborn

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Are you caught up in HEROES REBORN Yet?  Jack Coleman and Greg Grunberg talk about the transition from the old show to the revival, plus meet two of the new cast members. And Jerry Springer is celebrating the 25th Anniversary on TV. How has he survived so long? You might surprised at how he answers that question,

Playing Chicken With WEIRD SOUNDS

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6401377965_e5549b3570Are you brave enough to try a game of Radio Chicken with the folks at WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND? The rules are simple – in fact there are barely any rules at all. Just hit PLAY and we dare you to not turn the sound off for at least 120 minutes. Come on, try it!

The Point Radio: A Bazillion Bucks

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PT092115Even Dr Evil might join in for a prize like this. THE BAZILLION DOLLAR CLUB is a new competition show from SyFy where tech gurus Dave McClure and Brady Forrest award big money to brilliant start up ideas, but how do they pick the right ones? The guys share their secrets here. Then meet actor John Lucas (A BRILLIANT MIND, AMERICAN PSYCHO) who previews his new comedy, THE MEND.

WEIRD SOUNDS Dresses For Success

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Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.20.14 PMOnly the finest in kick ass role tonight, kids and it starts when you hit PLAY!

The Point Broadcast: Meet The Nets Biggest Stars Live

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PT091815They are among YouTube’s biggest stars with over 23.5 million viewers. Meet Eva Gutowski, Andie Case & Meredith Foster who are joining together for a live 20 city tour called GIRLS NIGHT IN. They give all the details plus some tips on how they got started on the internet. Then it’s Troy Dunn, a man who never gives up. After several successful TV shows and books, he’s back on the UP Network with a new show helping people find family members they have lost contact with. Wait until you hear how it all began for him.