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The Point Broadcast: By The Time We Bike To Phoenix

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PT072114You may never own one or even ride one, but you probably will agree that motorbikes can be cool. We take you right into the heart of they matter as we look at The History Channel series, BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX. Plus The Avengers get a makeover and ComicCon here we come!

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The Point Broadcast: OUTLANDER Is Coming – Soon!

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PT071814For OUTLANDER fans, the wait is almost over. The mega big book series hits the Starz Network in just a couple of weeks (with a sneak preview on August 2nd). Producer Ronald Moore and author Diana Gabaldon talk about the road from book to camera. Plus actor Jay Hernandez, from the Fox summer hit GANG RELATED, talks about making good choices in acting roles and Marvel revives Tony Stark’s ego.

The Point Broadcast: Palmer Williams Does Music, Comedy And Your Lawn

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PT071414Palmer Williams Jr is a triple threat, handling music, comedy and….lawn care. He explains it all and talks about his role in the new Tyler Perry series LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. Plus, summer comic sales seem to have started pretty flat, but Archie had a winner.

The Point Broadcast: That Other Funny Poehler

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PT071114The new NBC comedy, WELCOME TO SWEDEN, has a pretty interesting back story. It was created by Greg Poehler (yep, he’s Amy’s brother) and stars Greg, along with Josephine Bornebusch, in the first new U.S. series to be on both American and Swedish TV. Greg and Josie talk about bridging there cultural comedy gap, plus after 11 years in reality TV, Trista Stutter (THE BACHELORETTE, DANCING WITH THE STARS) has a new project. She joins Gretchen Rossi (REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY) and other reality celebs  in MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP and they both tell us what we can expect on the series.

The Point Broadcast: Roxanne Mckee’s Heavenly Gig On DOMINION

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PT070714Actress Roxanne Mckee (“Claire”) feels her new role on the SyFy series DOMINION is a little slice of heaven, and she shares the enthusiasm about all things angels and devils, plus Peabody Award winning TV genius, Angela Santomero, has given us children’s classics like BLUES CLUES, DANIEL THE TIGER and now a new show just in time for summer binge watching on Amazon.