Have A Seat And Be WEIRD

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bigguyslittlechairs009It’s the wind up of the first full weekend of summer, and we imagine you are worn out. Too much fun, sun and all that crap right? Settle back for the air conditioned comfort of two ours of chilling, kick ass rock. WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND is here when you hit PLAY.

The Point Broadcast: Taking ANGRY BIRDS From App To Big Screen

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PT061716These days the one genre that rules the box office consistently are animated family films (even more than super hero flicks). John Cohen came from projects like ICE AGE and DESPICABLE ME to convert the smash phone game, ANGRY BIRDS, into an even bigger movie hit. He talks about that journey plus his love for animation in general. Plus Mark Geist was among the brave men who lived the real life story of Michael Bay’s film, 13 HOURS:THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI . We find out what really happened that dark night in 2012.

Today’s Lesson Is WEIRD

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photography,words,people,vintage,weird-db27c149d02ae0a7fab03802e1ffba5b_hIf you learn anything in life, kiddies, make sure it is the fact that WEIRD is fun, cool, smart, sexy and – fill in the adjective. WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND proves it week after week and here’s another piece of evidence. Hit PLAY.

The Point Broadcast: What Would Mary Ann Do?

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PT061016It may have been almost half a century since she landed on that island, but Mary Ann is as delightful as ever! GILLIGAN’S ISLAND’s Dawn Welles talks about her time as a castaway and how the show almost never made it on the air. Plus actress Tracey Birdsall shares some peeks into her busy career including her latest film, WHO’S JENNA?

Another WEIRD Trip To The Beach

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439902f7d82403d9fa1b6973896b87b6Summer is just a few days away so it’s time to start thinking of getting to that beach, taking in the sun and then looking forward to cancer in a couple of decades. Or you can close the windows, turn off the lights and bask in the glow of the internet as you listen to two solid hours of kick ass rock with WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. Please hit PLAY responsibly.