Voices From Krypton: Making The Mission Possible

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(Left to right) Rosamund Pike is Helen and Tom Cruise is Reacher in JACK REACHER, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. OS-15301CR

Christopher McQuarrie took the impossible challenge of both writing and directing the newest entry in the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE franchise, ROGUE NATION. In our exclusive interview, VOICES FROM KRYPTON talks to him about how he landed the job and all the challenges he faced to make it work.

The Point Broadcast: The Homegrown Genius Of Mary Kubica

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PT073115Just a few years ago, Mary Kubica was a wife and mother raising her family in the suburbs of Chicago, but she has a passion to follow. That led her right to the top of the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller list with her first novel, THE GOOD GIRL. Mary’s second book is just hitting there shelves while her first is headed for TV. Plus summer just seems hotter thanks to those dramas on CBS. We talk to the stars of UNDER THE DOME and ZOO about what lies ahead for the rest of the season.

The Point Broadcast: Sex, Drugs And Denis Leary

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PT072715Dennis Leary is back on weekly TV, bringing along a big dose of SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL. He talks about his new FX series and how he brought in a few famous pals to make it work. Plus FRIENDS OF THE PEOPLE has returned for a new season on TruTV. Jennifer Bartels and Lil’ Rel Howry talk about why this ain’t you’re daddy’s SNL.

WEIRD SOUNDS Is Your Love Connection

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enhanced-buzz-31762-1349896581-0If you spent your weekend trying to find true love here in the wilds of the internet, we have great news. When going through those awkward first few moments in a chat room, break the ice and say “Anyone here love WEIRD?”. Then give then a link to this page and tell them to hit PLAY. After that, it’s all rainbows and sunshine!

The Point Broadcast: Nothing Complicated With Jessica Szohr

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PT072415Actress Jessica Szohr has landed on the hit USA series, COMPLICATIONS. She fills us in on all the action and talks about her upcoming roles, too. Plus we look at what may TV’s most unique concept, Comedy Central’s DRUNK HISTORY. How do they do that?