The Point Broadcast: Freddie Highmore Mastering The Art Of Creepy

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PT032015We wind up our coverage of the new season BATES MOTEL talking with Freddie Highmore. So is Norman Bates really a bad guy, or just misunderstood and how much of Freddie is really in that character? Plus he may be the real super villain of March Madness. Why does everyone hate Christian Lattener?

In a few days, look for our coverage of GRIMM and where the season will end for that series, plus a look at comics’ newest TV hit, IZOMBIE.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

Siri Says Try And Forget This Song

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It may be the most annoying (and over used) ringtone ever, but Los-Angeles-based music producer Zooly remixed the “Maramba” ringtone with some Siri clips ands came up with this:

Now try and get THAT sound out of your head.

The Point Broadcast: Still UNDATEABLE Still Funny

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PT031615UNDATEABLE has returned to NBC with more fresh comedy and a few changes, all detailed for us by cast member Ron Funches and creator/EP Bill Lawrence. Plus ORPHAN BLACK saves the comic stories in February.

In a few days, we circle back to BATES MOTEL for a talk with Norman Bates himself, Freddie Highmore.

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WEIRD SOUNDS Invites You For A Taste

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lifebuzz-a954ffaeeb05d61f62ca02d377d103b2-limit_2000WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND guarantees after a two hour consumption of tonight’s episode you will not regret it with a Monday morning hangover. However there IS a slight that the lady in the middle row, to the far left, might start looking….good.

Sorry – but man up and hit PLAY anyway.

The Point Broadcast: Getting POWERS On TV – Finally

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PT031315The process of turning the Image Comics hit POWERS from book to TV wasn’t an easy one. Co-creator Brian Michael Bendis talks about all the bumps along the way, plus Susan Heyward and Eddie Izzard from the new Sony TV series share how they came on board. Plus Nestor Carbonell from BATES MOTEL talks about the path his character is on this season and what is really behind his relationship with Norma.

In a few days, we look at UNDATEABLE, headed back to NBC, and we head to the set with creator Bill Lawrence and comedian Ron Funches.
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