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Big Changes On The Way

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The Point Broadcast: Janet Varney – So Much More Than KORRA

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PT121914To a legion of LEGEND OF KORRA fans, Janet Varney IS Korra, but there’s so much more to this phenomenally talented lady. Her success checklist contains the legendary SF Sketchfest, YOU’RE THE WORST and of course her weekly JV CLUB podcast. We jump into it all in the first part of our interview. Then, take a good look at your friends or family and see if they have quirks which may result in MY STRANGE CRIMINAL ADDITION. Host, and addition specialist, Dr. Mike Dow, talks about what we will see on the Investigation Discovery series.

Next week marks our 7th anniversary and we’ll be back right here midweek to celebrate with you!

The Point Broadcast: Alicia Witt’s Real Christmas Story

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PT121514Since the age of nine, actress Alicia Witt has dazzled us with her work in JUSTIFIED, MR HOLLAND’S OPUS and CYBILL. Again this year, she has a holiday project with The Hallmark Channel but also a new Christmas(!) song that might be the most honest one yet. She explains how she really isn’t a Grinch all the time. Plus both Andrea Roth and Tricia Helfer reveal why you should be locked onto ASCENSION on SyFy all this week.

WEIRD SOUNDS Knows Your Shame

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ShameIt’s THAT time of the year – pressure, pressure, pressure. Your holiday cards aren’t done. You haven’t bought one gift and the tree isn’t even up yet. WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND knows your shame – and we embrace it. No sense in trying to get anything done tonight as there is a new show just on the other side of that PLAY button.

Ladies Finally Get Their Night And Day In SHE MAKES COMICS

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To say it is long overdue is so absurd it is almost a cliche.  SHE MAKES COMICS is a Kickstarter funded film directed by Marisa Stotter and produced by Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert. It covers the oft-ignored history of women in comic books as creators and fans, and features interviews with such prominent figures as historian Trina Robbins, Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick,  former DC Comics publisher Jenette Kahn, and many more.

SHE MAKES COMICS is now available as a digital download, or you can order a DVD in time for the holidays all right here. Meanwhile, here’s just a taste of what you’ll see….

The Point Broadcast: Goodbye SONS And Hello MARCO POLO – Begin The Binge

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PT120814Most new TV series have a few episodes shot before they debut and then can feed off of viewer reaction from that point. In the case of the new Netflix series, MARCO POLO, all ten episodes were shot months before their debut this Friday. We talk with the cast about the good and bad parts of that, plus the show’s core relationship between hero and villain. Speaking of bad guys, SONS OF ANARCHY fades out tomorrow night and Katey Sagal shares her regrets while Kurt Sutter gives us some exclusive news on his next TV project.