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Big Changes On The Way

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The WEIRD SOUNDS Beauty Program

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No one likes to do those annoying tasks we have to do that make us beautiful. Plucking, squeezing, poking or even covering up. As you prepare for your own torture regiment, hit PLAY below and let WEIRD SOUNDS fill your mind with something besides pinches and pains.

By the time it is all over, you may or may not look better…..but your music tastes will have improved!


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odd-photos-eggAll the good stuff and none of the fat (well, except for a few cuts from Mr. Domino!), WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MINE helps you watch your intake of bad radio shows! Nothing but Farm Fresh Fun – just hit PLAY!

The Point Broadcast: Why You Should Be Watching CONSTANTINE

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PT111714There is no shortage of comic properties on network TV this year, but one that may have escaped your attention is NBC’s CONSTANTINE. Executive Producers David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerrone talk about their plans for the future, where it all fits into DC’s New 52 Continuity and how they want to continue to make it the truest comic adaptation ever to hit the small screen.

The Point Broadcast: James Wolk – Yeah THAT Guy

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PT111414We all loved actor James Wolk as the slightly creepy Bob Benson in MADMEN, plus his run with Robin Williams on THE CRAZY ONES. Now he’s part of CBS’ next big summer event,  ZOO,  and the star of a new quirky indy film with the folks from SONS OF ANARCHY. He covers it all with us. Plus the new sitcom, THE McCARTHYS is really a family affair especially for third generation talent Tyler Ritter who explains what finally brought him into show biz.

The Point Broadcast: Why Chelsea Peretti Owns The Internet

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PT111014Comedian Chelsea Peretti has led the pack in using social media and her reach in the online community to guide her successful stand up and TV career. Her popular podcast, Twitter feed (TIME MAGAZINE called it one of the Best of 2013) and her new association with Netflix mark her as having both feet firmly planted on the edge. We talk about how she got there plus life on BROOKLYN 99. On the flip side of being funny is Fox’s BOBS BURGERS. After winning an Emmy, H. Jon Benjamin and the cast talk about their dedication to getting weekly laughs.