The Point Broadcast: Michael Ian Black Is So Easy

2016-02-06 - 12:30 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT012916Pop TV says it is THE EASIEST GAME SHOW EVER, and host Michael Ian Black lets us play to prove the point. Plus we talk comedy and guess what Michael’s dream job is? Then we celebrate a new season of El Rey’s LUCIA UNDERGROUND by spending time with wrestling superstar, Johnny Mundo.

DEMON IN THE DARK – BatFilms are Back!

2016-02-05 - 13:35 | Movies | No comments

Seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we used to get a new BatMan fan film every couple of months. Finally, here’s a new one – and it’s pretty good.

THE DEMON IN THE DARK  is the story of a secret group of six must work together to deliver a “package” while evading an unknown predator prowling the dark streets of Gotham City. Is it a monster, an alien, or simply a psychopath on a rampage?

The fun thing here, however, are the easter eggs – sixty in all (ranging from Big Belly Burger, to Alan Scott’s radio station, to movie posters for Captain Carrot: The Cold Turkey). Keep the pause key handy. 

It’s written by Matt Clouston and directed by Letia Clouston.

The Demon In The Dark from Forewarned Films on Vimeo.

Back From The Dead And Still WEIRD

2016-01-31 - 18:55 | Weird Sounds | No comments

back-from-deadAfter two weeks at the mercy of a melted Macintosh, WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND roars back to life with a vengeance. Strap in tight, kiddies and hit PLAY

The Point Broadcast: Shatner’s Warp Speed World

2016-01-23 - 09:30 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT012216Willam Shatner doesn’t slow down. His career is still moving at warp speed with his one man show, a new book (on his friendship with Leonard Nimoy) and a nationwide concert tour that showcases the music of all of STAR TREK. We talk about all that as well as his passion for film making. Plus former PUNISHER Ray Stevenson is back at being bad, this time as Blackbeard in the new season of BLACK SAILS on Starz (premiering tomorrow). How accurate is the portrayal and which other famous pirate is he constantly compared to?

The Point Broadcast: THE COLONY Takes Over

2016-01-15 - 10:31 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT011315Carlton Cuse has another new project, and this time he is bringing his former LOST co-star, Josh Holloway, along. This week, COLONY debuts on the USA Network and Carlton and Josh give us a preview. Plus WWE Divas champion Charlotte is part of one of sports entertainment’s greatest legacies and she talks about growing up so close to the business