The Point Broadcast: Long Live THE NERDS

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PT012315The new season of KING OF THE NERDS is here from TBS, which gave us the chance to catch up with show creator and host, Curtis Armstrong who talks about the challenges in getting “good nerds” and how the whole idea came from a film that was a bit less than a movie blockbuster. Plus this weekend, Ben Barnes portrays Sam Adams in the three night mini series SONS OF LIBERTY and tells us what surprising facts he learned from the script.

On Monday, we head backstage to the set off USA Network’s SUITS with series star, Patrick Adams.

The Point Broadcast: John McGinley – No Doctor Cox No More

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PT011915You loved John McGinley in SCRUBS and now he’s part of the TBS comedy, GROUND FLOOR. John talks about his fairytale start in movies and why his GROUND FLOOR character couldn’t be more different that Doctor Cox on SCRUBS. Then, THE BLACKLIST is back for the second part of their sophomore season, and it kicks off with a choice time slot right after NBC’s broadcast of The Super Bowl. Star Megan Boone and EPs Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath tell us why this is a great place to jump into the series.

On Friday, we celebrate the return of KING OF THE NERDS on TBS. They’ve really upped the game this year, and we’ll tell you what’s coming up.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

The Point Broadcast: Reality Smackdown On WRESTLING WITH DEATH

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PT011615We introduce you to The Latham Family. By day they run a successful mortuary business and by night they enter the squared circle of Mid South Championship Wrestling. This fascinating contrast is part of the new WGN AMERICA series, WRESTLING WITH DEATH and there are some great stories to tell here. Plus, HELIX returns tonight to SyFy with new secrets, new threats and a unique new way to tell the story. Stars Neil Napier and Billy Campbell explain it all.

On Monday, we welcome John C. McGinley who talks about the road from SCRUBS to GROUND FLOOR, plus Megan Boone from THE BLACKLIST previews the big episode that will air after the Super Bowl. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

COMMUNITY Back Without Boundaries

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Community fans, get ready! School’s back in session as of March 17. The premiere of the sixth season on Yahoo Screen debuts with two new episodes and then another new one a every Tuesday. Of course, you are asking if there are any changes as the comedy moves to a streaming platform? At the recent TCA event. creator Dan Harmon said “The corset loosens a little bit. It’s a little freer.”
And just to get you in the mood……

The Point Broadcast: Making Magic With Amber Benson

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PT011215Like you, we first fell in love with Amber Benson during her days on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. The feelings only grew as we watch her evolve into a director, producer and most of all a successful author. Amber’s latest project is WITCHES OF ECHO PARK and she talks about why going “magical” seemed like the next step for her. Plus actor Jon Tenney, from MAJOR CRIMES and SCANDAL, talks about the great parts of being a working actor in todays’ exploding entertainment mediums.