The Point Broadcast: Jason Hervey Playing Both Sides Of The Law

2015-02-24 - 15:30 | Point Podcast | No comments

PT022315By sight, you know Jason Hervey as big brother Wayne from the classic WONDER YEARS, but in the decades since he’s been behind his desk helping create some exciting TV and movies projects. His latest is OUTLAW COUNTRY (premiering this week on WGN America), taking a unique reality look at both sides of the law in a small town. Jason fills us in on the show and more, plus we are on the set of the VH1 series HINDSIGHT. Time travel saga or soap opera? Stars Laura Ramsey and Craig Horner weigh in.

In a few days,we go to the set of the USA Network hit series SIRENS, plus a look at this season of BLACK SAILS from Starz. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

WEIRD SOUNDS Hides Nothing

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NoHideEvery day there are more exposes, spilled secrets and uncovered stories, but one thing remains the same. WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND rolls on every week baring it’s audio soul with nothing covered.

There is an image, eh? Just hit PLAY

WEIRD SOUNDS Valentine Detox

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6756881363_139c0518b4_bNo more candy

No more flowers

Just rock and roll for two full hours!


WEIRD SOUNDS Fit For Both Man And Beast

2015-02-01 - 18:59 | Weird Sounds | No comments

il_340x270.608200135_29t6Another Sunday night with temperatures across the land smaller than a dwarf’s show size. Bring in the animals, find them a warm place near the good ol’ internet and crank out tonight’s WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. Just let your DVR grab those commercials they are playing with *the game* and watch those later. Your ticket to get WEIRD is the Play button as always!

THE POINT BROADCAST: Last Minute Guide To The Super Bowl Ads

2015-02-01 - 16:30 | Point Podcast | No comments

The countdown to the Super Bowl kickoff is getting shorter, and the excitement is about to start. By the end of the night, who will be the big winners and losers on Madison Avenue? BBDO AdMan, Will Bordeau, gives us some last minute tips on the commercials you don’t want to miss plus we’re on the set of the USA Network drama, SUITS. Patrick Adams talk about how the current season will close and what’s coming for the next.

In a few days, we ‘ll introduce you to the cast of the newest docu-comedy from the folks who gave us THE OFFICE, plus the cast of BLACK SAILS talks about the dark days ahead. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.