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Big Changes On The Way

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WEIRD SOUNDS To Amuse And Annoy

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Weird WomanBut there MAY be a third reaction possible, with at least some female listeners.

Results may vary.

Consult your physician and hit the PLAY button below.

The Point Broadcast: Reliving THE WONDER YEARS

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PT091914One of the most beloved TV shows of the eighties is finally coming to DVD. THE WONDER YEARS has been collected in a huge box set featuring the complete series and a ton of extras. We celebrate the event by reminiscing about the show with series stars Alley Mills, Danica McKellar and Olivia D’Abo plus you meet a real life crime fighter. Lt. Joe Kenda of HOMICIDE HUNTERS gets the bad guys over 90% of the time .

The Point Broadcast: Donal Logue Thrives In GOTHAM

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PT091514Donal Logue is Harvey Bullock in the new Fox series, GOTHAM and he has a lot of say about it,  including how this compares to his previous roles and what it’s like to be part of a story where everyone already knows the ending. Plus, it’s the 60th Anniversary for The Guinness Book Of World Records, with a ton of new wacky entries and some old ones that may never be broken. Ever wonder how it all began? We go right to the source to answer that and more.


Getting WEIRD All Over Again

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be-weirdMike Gold returns from the wilds of Maryland with an all new WEIRD SOUNDS. Please help the planet and spread the word, then hit the PLAY button here!

The Point Broadcast: Z NATION’s New Breed Of Undead

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PT091214SyFy’s new series, Z NATION, is the latest entry in the pop culture zombie craze and Executive Producer Karl Schaefer, is happy to point all the things that make his undead from the other ones lumbering around. Plus, with two decades of TV roles behind them, Grant Goodeve (EIGHT IS ENOUGH) and Ted McGinley (MARRIED WITH CHILDREN) team up for a new project.