We’ll Sleep When We Are WEIRD

2016-08-28 - 18:59 | Station Info, Weird Sounds |

tumblr_m8o3a6qzK11rw872io1_250Nothing says “wake up” like a paid of good headphones cranked to the max and two hours of kick ass rock, just the way WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND does it. Open those baby blues and hit PLAY, sleepy head.

The Word According To WEIRD

2016-08-14 - 18:57 | Weird Sounds |

GettyImages-2634941-1024x675By now, you should realize we can put a weird twist on anything and when we pacify you with two hours of kick ass rock and roll…..well, that is the basic engine we call WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. To paraphrase Jack “King” Kirby, DON’T ASK JUST PLAY.

The Point Broadcast: MR ROBOT And A New Bag Of Shockers

2016-08-11 - 11:39 | Point Podcast |

PT080816USA Network’s MR ROBOT turned TV on its ear last summer, and the way this season is shaping up,  they just might do it again. We sit down with the cast,including Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chakin, Portia Doubleday and Gracie Gummer. Each one talks about the path their characters are on over the next few month – better hold on!

A Lot Of WEIRD Fish In The Sea

2016-08-07 - 18:59 | Weird Sounds |

76738765f763e74c349e13215350a6acSo maybe your beach isn’t so much fun in the middle of August. Maybe you’d rather stay in air conditioned comfort and lose yourself in the wave of kick ass rock – two hours worth – right now on WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE THE GOLD MIND. Crank up the A/C and hit PLAY!

The Clear Choice Is WEIRD

2016-07-31 - 18:57 | Weird Sounds |

a3173e4dca495439484069a32b95d0f2Another week of speeches, promises and attacks, It is more obvious that WEIRD is the only way to go. Cast your vote for two solid hours of WEIRD SOUNDS INSIDE HE GOLD MIND by just hitting Play.